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What is The Shower Genius® ??

The Shower Genius® is a framework that Deana created after years of not taking care of herself.

She was always working on her business, or her executive job and putting everyone else's

needs before her own.

In 2018, being out of commission for 2 months after a surgery, she realized that her rock star team

took care of everything. After that, she started putting boundaries on her work time

and routines in her personal life.

Deana was worried that her working less would be detrimental to the business she had built over a decade, but she was shocked to find that the business forecast for the following year had doubled.

If you would like to learn how Self-Care and Creativity can help you get your SANITY back and in turn change your life, sign up to be the first to get the book and access to the course in October 2022!

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