Deana Brown Mitchell is an entrepreneur, mental health advocate and author.

She started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14.


Deana holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Louisiana State University and has enjoyed a three-decade career in the hospitality industry.


As President of Genius & Sanity, her mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners  reach their potential and thrive. Her focus is to find the

balance in career success and whole self-health.


In March of 2020, Deana founded the Realize Foundation which is dedicated to reducing the suicide statistics. We believe that conversations, community

and personal stories are the key.

#1 Balancer of GENIUS & SANITY

Creator of THE SHOWER GENIUS® Method

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"How productive could you be if you had enough hours in the day, actually slept well and had time to do the things you love?


I bet you would thrive personally and professionally in a way you never imagined"

~ Deana Mitchell