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Overwhelm... how do we skip it?

The past 12 months have been exciting, exhilarating, and creative, They have also been filled with uncertainty, nervousness, self-doubt and tons of unending support!

2022 was an incredible year with so many exciting things!

The Realize Foundation released two bestselling Scars to Stars™ books and put on three well-received virtual events, all in the guise of preventing suicide and supporting our community.

We raised the most funds since 2020 and reached hundreds of people with our message. I have heard so many stories of changed lives from authors, readers and event attendees.

On the personal side, Genius & Sanity held a beta coaching program, as well as the first

"Get Your Sanity Back' online challenge. I met many people who need more sanity in their life, and more that relate to the feeling of never putting themselves first. That has to change!!

A personal nerve racking event was releasing my first ever solo book,

The Shower Genius®, which is all about How Self-Care, Creativity and Sanity will change your life... Personally & Professionally.

I was also blessed to be invited to speak at IMEX America, where I got to catch up with former colleagues in the Meetings & Events industry.

And now on to 2023... which has been a bit overwhelming so far...

As I write this, I have the next book underway, looking forward to the launch of the next version of my digital course, working through some health stuff, and preparing for several speaking engagements.

I, like many of you, tend to put myself last in these situations. BUT I have to practice what I preach... Self Care and Creating Boundaries!

If I am honest, the self doubt around what I am putting out in the world is overwhelming at times. The competing priorities make my anxiety skyrocket and the TO-DO list just keeps growing!

How do we manage this in a way that we can take care of ourselves and keep a high level of productivity?

Well, I could be smart and say "read my book"!

On the other hand I think the solutions may be inspired by my book, but we also need personalized solutions that fit our own situations. This part is what has inspired me to push the creative boundaries and figure out how to help on a group or personal level.

This year I will be sharing more on several levels for Genius & Sanity.

What you can expect:

  • one-to-one coaching will be more available

  • group coaching with the new digital course will be coming soon

  • more Get Your Sanity Back Challenges which can jump start putting yourself 1st

  • more presence across social media with consistent helpful information

  • The Gondola Series... a short weekly inspirational video with a view

Winter Sunrise in Telluride

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Let's make this year an overwhelm-free zone!

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