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This past week I did something I have never done before... I recorded a professional video with a well known producer in Los Angeles. It was amazing and I cannot wait for all of you to see it.... and it was all for you!

Here is the script of what we recorded...

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner that struggles with depression or anxiety? Like, no matter how hard you work… it’s never enough? What would you give… for just a few more hours in the day? How about some peace of mind? What would you give… to feel good? To actually sleep through the night! To not lay awake stressing about every detail of your life?! Yes, Entrepreneurship is HARD! And Guess who’s extra susceptible to mental illness? – yep Entrepreneurs! Even more so than our corporate world counterparts. And they get the guaranteed 401k’s and benefits! Not you. You are the boss. You have to keep all the balls in the air… if the business fails… you fail. Do you ever feel like a lone wolf? Taking care of every one and every thing in your life…. All the while, neglecting to take care of the most important person – Yourself! I know these feelings. My name is Deana Mitchell My passion is to help change-makers like YOU take care of yourself. I will teach you productive ways to balance your genius with your sanity. Your responsibilities with self compassion. How about taking a vacation? Yes I am talking to you! But it gets better – how about…. turning off your phone and locking it away in the hotel safe! Crazy right!? But Just imagine how freeing that would be! I did it – and guess what… I survived! What’s more I thrived! You too, can learn how to nurture yourself, without neglecting your business. Imagine being part of a community that gets you, that shares your struggles, that lifts you up and supports you. Surrounded by People who will have your back and assist you in reaching your highest potential, not only in business - but also in mental health and self care. It is possible. I look forward to hearing from you – and together we can start a new chapter.

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