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Deana Mitchell is an entrepreneur, mental health advocate and author. She started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14. Deana holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Louisiana State University and has enjoyed a three-decade career in the hospitality/event industry.

As the President of Genius & Sanity, her mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners to reach their potential and thrive. The focus is to find the balance in career success and whole self-health.

In 2020, Deana founded the Realize Foundation which is dedicated to reducing the statistics of suicide by normalizing the conversation.

Darryl Rodgers is a speaker, author, and family recovery coach living in Cary, North Carolina.  As a family recovery coach, he specializes in working with parents of drug-addicted children.  Darryl also serves on the state advisory board of NC Mothers Against Drunk Driving. 

At the age of 19, Darryl began a career as a corporate pilot. He served as a medic in the Army National Guard and became a Copilot/Gunner on the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter.

Darryl and his wife, Kim have been married for thirty-one years. They are the proud parents of two boys, Justin and Chase.

Drew Robertson is the Founder and Executive Director of and Alpha of Pack 22's Wolf Rescue site. A dedicated husband and father, Drew is committed to bringing an end to the 22 Veteran suicides per day after the tragic loss of a lifelong friend.

Visual thinking pioneer Brandy Agerbeck demystifies drawing so you can grasp visual thinking to erase overwhelm, think clearly, tackle problems, craft communications, and map out your next great accomplishment. In 2016, Brandy published The Idea Shapers: the power of putting your thinking in your own hands, an approachable and engaging visual thinking guide based on her 2013 TEDx Talk, Shape Your Thinking. Cultural analyst Patricia Martin calls The Idea Shapers, “A new alphabet for the visual age.”  Teaching online and in-person, Brandy is a “triple threat” of world-class expert, top-notch trainer and seamless facilitator. Find all of her resources at

Dan Walkovitz is a serial entrepreneur with over 45 years of solid business experience. His passion is helping entrepreneurs strengthen their companies by complementing their knowledge with my insights.

He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this space and a high-level view of companies.

He has held many C-level positions, founded eight companies, a founding member of three others, and have taken over 20 products from inception to market. Dan's wide range of exposure and experience adds another level of expertise to the product and market knowledge of his clients.

Deborah S. Weilnau is a Quality Manager who also enjoys her role as an Adjunct Professor in her spare time. She specializes in teaching Supply Chain Management, Materials Management, and Quality Management. Growing up in a business environment has made her an authentic individual that desires to help businesses communicate effectively. With more than 30 years of business experience in different industries. Adopting fear and change as a motivator, her aggressive, tenacious, altruistic, and transparent management style drives the necessary movements for organizational development. Her personal agenda is to become the best version of herself. If one sentence was used to define her it would be “Any day that I think I am better than I am, is the day that my higher power reminds me I still have much to learn.” 

Felicia Brown, LMBT is a Business, Marketing and Life Coach for Massage, Spa & Wellness Professionals and other heart-centered entrepreneurs. She is the author of Creating Lifetime Clients: How to WOW Your Customers for Life; Free & Easy Ways to Promote Your Massage, Spa & Wellness Business; The Sunflower Princess; and several other books. Felicia's story of overcoming depression and anxiety by racing rubber ducks in her backyard is funny and authentic, bringing the reader some light-hearted life lessons along the way. Connect with Felicia and The Dream Team Ducks™ at and

James Boomhower, BS, FP-C, NR-P, C- NPT, CCISM has been involved in EMS for over 15 years in a variety of health systems throughout New England. He currently functions in the role of Critical Care Transport Specialist-Paramedic/ Lead Peer Support Director with Boston Medflight of Bedford, MA and Crisis/Peer supporter for the ECHO FAST team and the state of RI CISM team. James is most recently evolving his crisis counseling to individuals through volunteering as a crisis counselor with the “Crisis Text Line”. His desire to bring mental health awareness to the EMS arena has spurred him to create the Stay Fit for Duty platform. James is working to promote recognition, management and acceptance of acute stress in EMS providers throughout the world. Most recently James is further advancing as he works to obtain a Masters degree in psychology, eventually becoming a counselor for first responders and healthcare providers.

Owner/Manager of Fast Tags Engraving since 1998. Specializing in the Electrical Industry for identification of gas valves, control panels and data centers.

President of Houston South End Optimist Club 2020-2022

Lt. Governor of South Texas District Optimist - Zone 9, 2021-2022

Co-Author, Presenter of Seven Steps to Quality Assurance at the Quality Symposium in San Antonio, TX.

Happily married, living outside of Houston, TX and enjoying Community outreach projects through the Optimist Club.

Vanessa Jade is a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Master Soul Alchemist, and Spiritual Teacher. She guides soul-centered women to transmute trauma and disempowering beliefs so they can discover their deeper gifts, step into their sacred feminine power and make a positive impact in the world. 

 Having journeyed through her own powerful, transformational path of healing from child sex trafficking and ritual abuse, Vanessa is living proof of the power of Love to transmute even the darkest of evils. She now celebrates her calling as a spiritual mentor and teacher and is a master at holding safe, sacred space, channeling her intuitive wisdom, years of professional training, and expertise into creating life-changing transformation for her clients.  Vanessa believes it is the birthright of every woman to feel safe and vibrant in her body, that it is her birthright to feel the vitality of her radiant energy, and to remember that THIS is the source of her wisdom, truth, creativity, abundance, and joy.

Jolina is a transformational healer, breathing life into life! Breath and relationship are key to living life fully! Jolina guides sophisticated spiritual seekers through portals of recovery, using whatever they’re struggling with as the life messengers they are. Relationship challenges, health issues, emotional sufferings …no matter. All hold the key to your liberty! They’re love made manifest …waiting to set you free!  ​

Corrine owns and operates a Full-Service Meeting & Event Planning company that organizes and plans all aspects of meetings and events. It provides management and logistic services to corporations, associations, non-profit organizations, consumers and more. The company’s mission is to create successful and memorable experiences for their clients that enable them to be guests at their own events. Corrine has felt called to share her knowledge and experiences by creating a coaching program to empower and build up small business owners to become ‘Founders’ who create the impact they were created for. 

Raised by entrepreneurial parents, it is no surprise that Stella has tended to take the road-less traveled. She has experienced deep loss including the death of her husband in 2014. We are all going to die ... why don’t we talk about it? In 2021, she launched, to support the journey of rebuilding a meaningful life after the loss of a mate. When she is not contemplating life, you can find her frolicking with her Mexican beach dog Chili Pepper Lane, or on summer days…riding her husband’s Harley down the open road. If she were to choose some labels, they might be: Creative. Entrepreneurial. Wordsmith. Magic-maker. Tutu-twirler. Salad queen. Story-teller. Grief astronaut.

Katherine Tatsuda was born into a legacy she never asked for – born into a Japanese immigrant family who served their community through their grocery store for generations. Katherine worked her way up the family business from cashier to CEO all while raising three children and healing the emotional wounds and mental health problems she carried from childhood.  In 2017, Katherine realized she was living someone else’s dream for her life, and she began attending acting workshops in New York City and Hollywood. She traveled with John Maxwell and facilitated leadership trainings all while developing leaders inside of her business so it would be successful no matter what. In February 2020, just as all the people and systems were falling into place, her whole world was turned upside down when a sudden landslide hit her store and permanently closed her family business. Katherine brings inspiration, hope, and joy to everyone she comes in contact with.

In 7th grade, Lisa took a chance and shared her family secrets with a school counselor. It didn’t end well. When the system failed to protect her, she left home. She had no clue what horrors awaited a 12-year-old girl on the streets, homeless and alone. She had become trapped in a predatory world of trauma and addiction where tragedy became so commonplace that she never thought she’d live to grow up, yet she survived. Now as a Certified EFT practitioner, transformational coach, and speaker, she has taught thousands of people how to move beyond survival using trauma-informed proven strategies. Science meets spirituality in a framework grounded in neuroscience, supported by the kind of empathy and compassion that come from lived experience. Lisa’a Empowering SHIFTS process is a practical guide to navigating real life and creating rapid, powerful, and lasting changes.

Over 12 years ago Jeremy (J.D.) Leisky’s life’s struggles led him to public speaking to troubled teens and youth groups. Since then he has spoken on over 100 platforms , carried a cross hundreds of miles, has done street ministry, worked countless events, owned a marketing company, and worked with numerous outreaches to serve the community. He has been on radio shows, news shows, podcasts, and worked with several celebrities to make the world a better place. J.D. lives under the philosophy that ‘We are all in this world together and need to lift one another up’.

The Revelation Of unleashing Our True Power J.D. Leisky was on the verge of loosing it all and ending it all when a very powerful revelation changed everything. 

Nancy Tilton Hand, JD is an author, NLP trainer, coach, and speaker specializing in helping shy achievers create strong and supportive social and professional networks. Nancy's expertise is built on over 35 years of experience and cutting-edge training in creativity, communication, contract law, behavior, mediation, dispute resolution, and negotiation. Nancy is the author of “Beyond Rainmaking”, “The Hands On Plan”, and host of the podcast “Friends on Hand”, which explores the fine art of friendship and what it takes to craft strong, true social connections in a world of digital disconnect.  Nancy’s latest project, the streaming television show “Breaking Bread with Nancy”, is a celebration of the way we connect around bread, and the cultural understanding it brings. Nancy is an avid photographer who has been baking sourdough since before it was cool.

Joie is dedicated and committed to helping you develop a phenomenal mindset that is capable of transcending all barriers and discovering the power within you.

Her mission is to help you  access the next level of vibrancy, joy, and deeper level of worthiness as in this journey of becoming by overcoming the pain she experienced dealing with an unhealthy relationship.

DJ Pri is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, entertainer and mental health advocate.  An only child to poor immigrant Laotian parents, she was abandoned by her father then lost her mother shortly after to colon cancer at age 17.  Not having the proper tools to deal with grief and sadness at school, Pri dropped out of university to dedicate a career in both restaurant hospitality and telecommunication sales for the next decade.  Today, Pri runs a boutique mobile DJ event business creating custom celebratory experiences for wedding couples, corporate clients and discerning individuals. Through the lens of a lightworker, Pri is sharing the power of music not only in the event space but also in 1:1 client shadow work VIP days for those who desire a different modality to heal from past trauma, FOMO and imposter syndrome. 

After 12 years, mute and non verbal, following back-to-back car accidents and narrowly escaping death upon flipping a quad down a rock quarry, Samantha reached her own personal rock bottom.

Through the power of Community and Mentorship, she found her voice again and her conviction to live a life of contribution and service. During the quarantine of 2020, she became a Grant Cardone Licensee and launched her podcast, Storytelling by the Numbers, and the Proximity is Power Summit Series.

She is committed to lifting 1,000 voices in Courageous Conversations in our newly invigorated virtual economy.