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What is The Shower Genius® ??

The Shower Genius® is a framework that Deana created after decades

of not taking care of herself. She was always working in her business,

 or her executive job and putting everyone else's needs before her own;

therefore putting herself LAST.


In 2018, being out of commission for 2 months after a surgery, Deana

was worried that her being away from the office so much

would be detrimental to the business he had created over the

past decade, but she was shocked to learn that the revenue

forecast had doubled for the following year.


After that experience, she started putting boundaries

on her work time and routines in her personal life.

She lost over forty pounds and was working out regularly.

This brought change in her physical body, her mental state

and her all around happiness.


During the pandemic, Deana put a whiteboard in her bathroom to capture the

creative shower thoughts that eventually yielded this framework.

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